Hearing Aid Batteries

The batteries used in hearing aids are different from the traditional mercury batteries most of us are used to. Hearing aid batteries are zinc air batteries. They use air as a source of power and therefore are sold individually packaged. Only remove them from their packaging when you are going to use them; store them unopened at room temperature.

How long a battery lasts in your hearing aid is completely dependent on your level of hearing loss (the more severe your hearing loss the more amplification you need), how often you wear the device and how many additional features you use with the device. A simple way to figure out how long a battery will last is to keep track of the date you put each battery from a new package in and take it out. Once the package is used up add up the number of days and divide by the number of batteries in the package.

While there are a number of battery sizes, there are four major ones used in most models: 10, 312, 13 and 675. The larger the battery, the longer it lasts. In order to make buying replacement batteries as easy as possible, each size is also associated with a color. Number 10, the smallest battery, is colored yellow. This battery is used in CIC style hearing aids. Number 312 batteries are colored brown and used in some BTE, RIC and ITC models. The orange colored number 13 is used with some BTE and ITE devices. The largest battery, number 675, is colored blue and is used primarily in BTE models.

Your audiologist will review everything you need to know about your hearing aid, including which type of battery it uses, before you leave the office. If you think of any questions once you are home, please do not hesitate to contact our office at 337-266-9820.