Facial Plastics

Facial plastic surgery can either be cosmetic or reconstructive although most facial plastic surgery cases are elective. Examples of facial plastic surgery include rhinoplasty, lip augmentation, eyelid surgery and fillers and injectables. Procedures are performed by facial plastic surgeons who are highly skilled and trained. Many otolaryngologists, also known as ENT physicians, are facial plastic surgeons as well. Facial plastic surgery outcomes will depend on a combination of the surgeon’s technical skill and the patient’s bone structure and skin type.

Facial plastics also addresses skin lesions. They are a part of the skin that has an abnormal growth or appearance to the skin around it. Skin lesions can be primary or secondary. Primary skin lesions are typically present at birth or develop over time and include birthmarks and rashes. Secondary skin lesions are the result of irritated skin such as a scar or ulcer. Since skin lesions can be hereditary, the result of an allergy or caused by a skin infection, it’s important to see a doctor to have the lesion evaluated and diagnosed.

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